5 benefits of sex for men

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Having satisfactory sex on a frequent basis not only improves relationships between couples, but also brings a number of advantages for the body and mind, in particular, there are various benefits of sex for men.

Benefits of frequent sex

1. Lower risk of prostate cancer Research published in the British Journal of Urology International reveals that men who ejaculate four or more times a week reduce the possibility of prostate cancer by 30%. Due to a high ejaculatory frequency, the harmful effect of carcinogenic agents on the prostate would be avoided.

2. Reduces stress and hypertension. According to a study from the University of the West of Scotland, endorphins that are released during the act help to reduce stress hormones, in addition to having more controlled levels of blood pressure, which can even help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction .

3. Longer longevity An Irish study published in the British Medical Journal concluded that sexual activity can have a protective effect on health, because men who had the highest frequency of orgasms had a 50% lower mortality rate than men who do not ejaculate frequently.

4. Happier. According to an Australian research in which more than 5 thousand people participated, reports that married men are 135% more to feel happier than single men, in addition to presenting a higher frequency and levels of satisfaction in their relationships.

5. Healthier heart As part of the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, epidemiologists at the New England Research Institute found that men who had sex once a month or less had a 50% higher risk of cardiovascular disease than men who had sex more than once a year. week.

Studies of the British Medical Journal, explains that one of the benefits of sex for men more surprising is that it enhances the smell, thanks to prolactin, which promotes the development of new neurons of the olfactory bulb, allowing greater capacity to perceive smells.


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