Trekking – We and nature

Trekking – We and nature

People who spend at least 2 hours a week in the nature have a better perception of well-being and health:
walking you can eliminate anxiety and stress, it helps to rediscover forgotten things such as the charm of silence, the sound of footsteps, the breath and the sounds of nature,to find inner peace, to discover new flowers, to capture a glimpse of the landscape, a sunset and makes it clear that the life of nature will surely give serenity and a spirit of adventure.

The excursions are divided into 7 paths with different levels of difficulty

Our offer includes:

  • 2 nights in a double or twin room
  • 2 breackfasts
  • 2 dinner in our restaurant
  • 1 basket for your excursion.

Cost of the package € 98.00 per person
Drink not included

Useful tips
What to wear: practical clothing, possibly in cotton or technical fabric, windbreaker, hiking boots, hat and sunglasses.
What to bring: 1 binoculars and a good supply of water on the hottest days.